X: Without Judgement - Brian Phillips

photo by Ian Kasnoff

photo by Ian Kasnoff

After growing up in a small Ohio town, Brian Phillips found healing in his artistry and a home in Texas. In this episode, we hear how Brian came to use one man’s trash to create another man’s treasure. He talks about the roots of his career in design and screen printing. We hear what inspires his work and how grateful he is that the way he makes his living amounts to a de facto meditation practice. We touch on a range of topics, including depression, classic country music, and the unlikely place where Brian got his first break as a visual artist. Hear his conversation with host, Tom Gentry, on episode 11 of The Path to Authenticity. To Learn more about Brian, click here. Visit tomgentry.net. Email us at thepathtoauthenticity@gmail.com. Find the show on Patreon. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram.

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III: The Closest We Get to God - Jen Conway


As an aspiring English teacher, Jen Conway’s love for reading led her to a book on unassisted childbirth. What began as curiosity evolved into passion. Now, in addition to being a mother of four, she is an accomplished doula and birth documentarian. This award-winning photographer captures images every bit as powerful as the moments they represent. In this episode she talks about her career path and offers insight as someone who has immersed herself in pregnancy and childbirth. Click here to learn more about Jen. Find the show on Patreon. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram.