XXI: Honoring the Music - Tyrell William Lisson


Honoring the Music: Tyrell William Lisson is a veteran film and live-events producer based in Toronto. He has produced multiple award-winning documentaries including a short documentary about The Band’s Richard Manuel. In episode 21 of The Path to Authenticity he talks about his podcast, The Band: A History. He began exploring the history of the Canadian/American roots-rock group after attending a small folk festival where Garth Hudson was the headliner. If you’re someone who likes to know the stories behind the songs, you’ll enjoy listening to this episode, as well as his podcast. Hear him talk to host Tom Gentry about The Band, its members, their legacy, and their role in rock history. Visit thebandpodcast.com. Visit tomgentry.net. Email us at thepathtoauthenticity@gmail.com. Find the show on Patreon. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram.

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