XIX: The Blues Chose Me - Mike Milligan

The Blues Chose Me: Music is as fundamental as family for Mike Milligan. For most of his life, the two have been intertwined. His band, Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel, has been at it for more than two decades, and is largely comprised of kin. In this episode of The Path to Authenticity, hear Mike talk about the how he defines success, the midwestern work ethic, and how the blues chose him. Listen closely and you can hear him in the background, noodling on his guitar. Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel are Shaun Milligan - bass, Robert “Tiny” Cook - drums and backing vocals, and Mike Milligan - lead vocals and guitar. To learn more about Mike, click here. Visit tomgentry.net. Email us at thepathtoauthenticity@gmail.com. Find the show on Patreon. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram.

© Copyright 2019, Tom Gentry, all rights reserved; Music: Cold Slope – Wilco, Kokomo Blues – Mississippi Fred McDowell, performance rights acquired from Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI). Meat &Three, Doin’ it Right – Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel, used with permission from the artist.