XVI: The Purpose of Psychotherapy - Dr. Donna Marks


Dr. Donna Marks is the Author of Learn, Grow, Forgive: A Path to Spiritual Success. Donna is psychotherapist with a long list of credentials and has been a teacher of A Course in Miracles for as long as she has practiced, over three decades. In episode 16 of The Path to Authenticity, Donna talks to host Tom Gentry about how, even after many years of healing, some of us remain stuck in unhealthy patterns that keep us from being truly authentic. This is a story of a seasoned healer whose personal and professional lives coalesce to present a solution to this dilemma. To learn more about Donna, click here. Click here to find her book on Amazon. Visit her website at drdonnamarks.com.  For her YouTube channel, click here. Visit tomgentry.net. Email us at thepathtoauthenticity@gmail.com. Find the show on Patreon. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram.

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