Part 2 with John Thomas coming July 15


Part two of my conversation with John Thomas, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Psychology Today will be available on July 15. You can listen to it here. To hear the first part of our conversation, click here for episode 12 of The Path to Authenticity.

In part one, John took the proverbial microphone and began asking about my life story. He follows suit in episode 14, pointing out that I buried the lead, from a journalistic point of view.

JT Promo 3_edited.jpg

We pick up where we left off, talking about some of my career highlights, including how, in my 30’s I had the opportunity to work for someone I saw in concert in my teens.. We then move on to discuss the idea of self-actualization, and how it happens on a practical level.

Staying true to the theme of the show, we discuss how personal authenticity is essential to one’s success. To learn more about John, click here.